Creating a vibrant and welcoming environment for people to spend time in is what keeps them coming back and frames how they relate to it.
— PWC/Urban Land Institute: Emerging Trends in Real Estate, 2017

20Chairs is an allegory that illustrates how we help clients. Philosopher Bertrand Russell noticed when you put an object in the center of a room with 20 people seated around it, each person sees it differently depending on their vantage point. Each of these views are equally valid, important… and incomplete by themselves.

That’s where our engagements begin. We start by inviting people to share their workplace perspectives with us, which makes it possible for clients to more fully understand what will attract, retain and satisfy.

We don’t put all the responsibility on our clients to ‘make things better' though. We enroll groups of stakeholders that cooperate to enrich the workplace experience long after our work is done.

Why 20? In cultural anthropology when a group reaches 20 people, they either organize, or the group becomes unsustainable and disbands But that’s hard to remember. A childhood game - 20 Questions - makes it easier. We ask questions, (and make connections like this one) all the for our clients.

If we’ve sparked your curiosity, we’d like to learn more about you.