People look for places where they feel like they matter. Do the people in your workplace feel that way? 

The new world of work is networked. People are looking for places to gather that are, too. 

Relationships matter – to businesses, customers, partners and coworkers. Working at home saves companies money and may help retain talent in the short term. But it doesn’t strengthen connection.

Call them your ‘team’, ‘tribe’, ‘people’, or ‘community’; it’s a gift to find where you fit.

When executives make significant investments to create a vibrant workplace without inviting the people they are designed to please to participate, money is wasted and investments fall short of their potential. By discovering what will truly be appreciated and valued, 20Chairs begins a process that simplifies how clients satisfy and retain people.

Communities are powerful. Yet the time-tested strategies that help communities evolve can be overlooked as a business solution. 20Chairs is changing that, by bringing these systems to help companies to attract, retain and sustain the most valuable - and often unrecognized - communities in their workforce.

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The 20Chairs process reveals hidden solutions that elevate satisfaction and experience. When our clients offer a distinct and valuable workplace, people engage and stay, creating prosperity and sustainability.