Tenant Experiences that Attract, Involve & Retain


We build social foundations for buildings, creating incomparable places to work that attract, retain and wow your current and future tenants. 


Are Your Tenants "Highly Satisfied"


But Only Somewhat Loyal?

Your properties have a strong structural foundation. But what about a social foundation? Chances are, it needs reinforcement.

That's where 20Chairs™ can help.

Every Building Has a Social Story. What’s Yours?

The explosion of coworking investments is proof positive that tenants are looking at more than cost per square foot. They’re looking for experiences, allies and business partners.

Your 20Chairs Social Story™ will get brokers, tenants and target customers talking about your building. We identify what tenants really need and refine your value proposition so it attracts and retains current and future tenants while growing your bottom line.

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We See Buildings as Social Networks


20Chairs™ explores your assets through your tenants' eyes and works with property management teams to attract and develop tenants who value and promote their buildings.

We make your buildings matter to your tenants by building a social network that supports their businesses needs.

You Can't Change What You Don't See

We Believe

  • Economic relationships stem from social relationships

  • Delighting tenants doesn't have to be guesswork

  • Each point of view is valid, important… and incomplete by itself

  • An intentional social story creates value for your building and tenants

20Chairs Social Story™ 

We shape our buildings;
thereafter they shape us.
— Winston Churchill



Let us discover what your tenants really value


We'll create a social foundation for your community


Your building will matter to your tenants


 We'll measure and strengthen your tenants’ experience


Product Solutions

Landscape Assessment

Let us show you the social pillars within your building, and how they can help you attract new tenants.

Tenant Experience Study

We'll collect materials to build your building's social foundation 

Master Plan

And reveal how to retain your current tenants and attract new ones.

Community Blueprint

We'll form the systems you need to support the building's social structure.

Network Mapping

And illustrate the growing network in your building. Tenants and prospects will see the difference for themselves!


With our support, you'll engage your tenants in the short term, and build your community for the long term.


Ready For Tenants To Love Where They Work?


Don't Confuse:

Technology with Tenant Solutions

  • Technology supports communities; it doesn’t form them. We build social foundations that bring your workplace together and grow your building's network.

Build Outs with Business Solutions

  • Game rooms are great. But we go deeper, and still have fun.

Common Areas with Communities

  • Lounges highlight what's not happening in your building if they aren't used. Let us put the spark in your commons that will have people talking!